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Most Wins
Div 2
Most Wins
Singles Doubles Ladies First 8 Ball
2015/16 Foxash B Strangeways Mr Pools Stratford Anchor Div A - Mr Pools
Div B - Hustlers
Div 1 - James Garrad
Div 2 - Jamie O'Connor
Div 3 - n/a
Lee Atkins Robbie Williams Robbie Williams Robbie Williams
Dan Gillings
Valerie Adams Julian Adams
Rob Bird
Div 1 - Andy Read (Red Lion B)
Div 2 - Jamie O'Connor (Foxash A)
2014/15 Mr Pools White Hart Stratford Anchor Hustlers Mr Pools
Div 1 - Graham Bryan
Div 2 - Jason Shellum
Div 3 - Matt Morrison
Ian Chatten Shaun Matthews James Garrad Graham Bryan/
Rico Gopaul
Valerie Adams Chris Whent Steve Knights
(Red Lion B)
2013/14 Mr Pools Swan B Mr Pools Strangers Div A - Mr Pools
Div B - Brantham LC A
n/a John Kanaris Karl Driver Dave Jones Jason Shellum/
Andy Coltart
Kayleigh Stiff Justin Nicholson John Barnett
2012/13 Mr Pools Strangers A Catt Crown B Red Lion B Catt Crown B
Div1-Dave Pickess
Div2-John Barnett
Div3-Mick O'Brien
Jason Shellum Karl Driver Jason Shellum Graham Bryan/
Martin Cuncannon
Kayleigh Stiff Graham Bryan John Barnett
2011/12 Mr Pools White Hart A Catt Crown B Catt Crown B
Peter Gentry Andy Hull Dave Pickess Graham Bryan/
Mark Pegram
Kayleigh Stiff Graham Bryan Matt Hawkins
(Mr Pools)
2010/11 Catt Crown B Mr Pools Mr Pools Mr Pools
Mick Bird Martin Cuncannon Lol Thompson John Barnett/
John Egan
Valerie Adams Ashley Finch Shaun Matthews
(Red Lion A)
2009/10 Catt Crown B Red Lion B Skinners B Catt Crown A (Div1)
Strat Anchor (Div2)
Gary Bonner
Mark Gunfield
Karl Driver John Egan John Egan/
Andy Cook
Valerie Adams John Kanaris Mark Gunfield
(White Hart B)
2008/09 Catt Crown B Ardleigh Lion Hustlers Catt Crown B
John Barnett Dan Pallant James Garrad Jeff Nicholson/
Mark Hynes
Lianne Knights John Barnett Mick Bird
(Ardleigh Lion)
2007/08 Rose & Crown B Stratford Anchor Rose & Crown B BASC
Gary Bonner Dave Malkin/
J Revell
Gary Bonner L Underwood/
Keith Hill
Lianne Knights John Barnett Paul Bowers
(Catt Crown B)
2006/07 Catt Crown B Rose & Crown B Rose & Crown B Not held
Conrad Bronson n/a Karl Prior James Garrad/
John Kanaris
Lianne Knights Mark Gunfield Mark Gunfield
2005/06 Rose & Crown A Catt Crown B Wheatsheaf Rose & Crown A
M Salmon James Garrad Phil Cullingford Stuart Simmonds/
Mark Jarvis
Valerie Adams Paul Bowers Simon Hunt
(Red Lion, E.Berg)
2004/05 Catt Crown A Skinners A Catt Crown A White Hart B
Phil Cullingford/
Peter Gentry
Dave Cooper/
Mick Waring
Jason Banner Gary Bonner/
John Barnett
Valerie Adams No winner Simon Carter
(Red Lion, Mtree)
2003/04 Catt Crown A Red Lion, Mtree Skinners B Ardleigh Lion B
Phil Cullingford Taff Fordham Phil Cullingford Justin Bird/
Mick Bird
Sue Gunfield No winner Justin Nicholson
(Catt Crown A)
2002/03 White Hart A Strangers Waggon & Horses A Catt Crown A
James Garrad J Thompson Phil Cullingford Mick Bird/
Justin Bird
Sue Gunfield Glen Crisp Paul Bowers
(White Hart A)
2001/02 Catt Crown A Red Lion, E.Berg Skinners B Catt Crown A
Alan Mower W Block Alan Mower Julian Adams/
Valerie Adams
Valerie Adams Alan Mower Justin Nicholson
(Catt Crown A)
2000/01 White Hart A Red Lion, Mtree Rose & Crown Rose & Crown
Gary Bridgen J Cobb/L Dacosta/
Andy Young
Justin Bird James Garrad/
Gary Bridgen
Valerie Adams Geoff Hawes Justin Nicholson
(Catt Crown A)
1999/00 Skinners B Ardleigh Lion Catt Crown Catt Crown A
Ian Nice T Hammond Alan Mower Dave Pickess/
Andy Slocombe
Sue Gunfield Julian Adams Simon Carter
(Red Lion, Mtree)
1998/99 Mistley Anchor Red Lion Dedham Anchor Dave Pickess S Parker Alan Mower Justn Bird/
Dave Pickess
Sue Gunfield James Garrad Miles Wilson
(Dedham Anchor)
1997/98 Catt Crown Black Horse Skinners B D Frost Paul Bowers Alan Mower D Frost/
A Cook
Sue Gunfield Alan Mower/
Dave Pickess
Paul Bowers
1996/97 Catt Crown Skinners A Rose & Crown A K Bartlett S Gunfield Alan Mower Ian Nice/
Justin Nicholson
Valerie Adams J Doogan Geoff Hawes
(White Hart A)
1995/96 Rose & Crown A Rose & Crown B Catt Crown A Mower S Forrester Shawn Daw Geoff Hawes/
Mark Hynes
Alan Mower
1994/95 Rose & Crown A White Hart A Dedham Anchor No winner
1993/94 Rose & Crown A Rose & Crown B White Hart A No winner
1992/93 White Hart A Hustlers Carl Clifford
1991/92 Rose & Crown A Hustlers Carl Clifford
1990/91 BASC Thorn Mark Morsley
1989/90 Albrew Social Club Albrew Social Club John Kanaris
1988/89 Swan A Albrew Social Club John Kanaris
1987/88 White Hart A Dedham Anchor A Mark Morsley
1986/87 Swan B White Hart A Mark Morsley
1985/86 Swan A Anchor A No winner
1984/85 White Hart A
1983/84 Swan
1982/83 Swan
1981/82 The Grange
1980/81 Swan
1979/80 Swan

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